Semaglutide-Beauty Item or Medical Treatment

By: Dr. Loliya Idoniboye


I'm pleased to see that many individuals are actively taking steps towards achieving weight loss, acknowledging that obesity is a significant societal issue with potential health implications such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. It's noteworthy that medications like semaglutide are becoming more popular. However, it's surprising that some people are seeking this medication at medical spas.

Semaglutide, like all medications, comes with its own set of potential side effects. Just as with any medication, it's essential to have a qualified healthcare provider educate you about the risks and, if needed, manage any complications that may arise. Another concern is that, like many other medications, you may reach a plateau with semaglutide, requiring exploration of alternative medications or combinations to sustain success, especially considering its significant cost.

It's crucial to understand that obesity is a medical condition and should be managed by healthcare professionals who address your overall health concerns. Your well-being is not merely a cosmetic matter; it's of paramount importance. Always remember, "You are enough." Let us assist you in reaching your full potential safely and responsibly.

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